Mobile Websites

If you’ve ever tried opening a non-mobile version of your favorite site on your tablet or smart phone, then you’ve probably gone through a series endless scrolling; swiping up and down or left and right just to view the entire page.

Get your website mobile-ready with Star 3 Media today! Our team of mobile website experts will optimise your site’s pages so that they can be easily viewed on iPads and other tablets as well as on iPhones and Android smart phones.

Mobile responsive design

Most websites today have incorporated a mobile responsive design where their site’s pages automatically change their layout in order to fit the screen on the device that they’re being viewed from. So what you’re seeing on a normal desktop or laptop screen is automatically adjusted to be easily read on a smaller tablet or smart phone, all while using the same URL. This allows for a better user experience and allows your website to be easily accessed by a whole new market of people who access the Internet on mobile devices, which in turn tends to get bigger each year.

Benefits of having a mobile website

  • Improved user experience
  • One URL for all devices
  • Optimised content and layout on all devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, and more)
  • Less maintenance
  • SEO friendly on both mobile and traditional SEO

In the coming years, more and more people will be viewing web-based content and services on mobile devices, so it’s best to upgrade your existing site with mobile responsive design right now. Get in touch with Star 3 Media so we can take a look at your site and plan a course of action to get it mobile ready today.