Custom Programming

At Star 3 Media we understand that there are times when websites need a particular functionality that standard website CMS’s don’t offer.

Star 3 Media offers custom PHP programming and development solutions for these types of specific applications, whether it’s for a brand new site or to add additional features your existing website. Our custom programming is about functionality provided to both our clients and their customers.

Star 3 Media has a dedicated team of PHP programming professionals who are experienced, knowledgeable and have advanced skills who can deliver solutions catered to your requirements across WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other PHP based CMS platforms.

We have successfully developed online communities (including profile creations), integration with accounting software, online forums, booking systems, iPhone applications, shopping carts, auction systems, member login, site search and much more.

What we offer:

  • Expert programming professionals
  • Delivery on time
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Detailed project time line and milestones
  • PHP coding

To discuss a specific functionality you require please contact us.

The majority of websites out there are full of useful information, but often appear a little outdated and not structured in such a way that encourages usage by their target market. A good website allows the user to see or learn new things at every visit and encourages the customer to stay for a while, read, shop or enquire further about your services. The more user friendly and up to date your website is for your market, the more likely they are to return again and again.

Customised programming special modules on your website can add a great deal of interactivity to your website that often can be set to automatically update or involve the customer past the point of normal browsing time.

Search Function

Search functions can be added to the corner of a site to look for keywords that have been used in pages on the site or to search the web. This customised programming is able to take two or three words and submission will initiate a search of the key words bringing up any document or phrase where the word has been used in order of relevance. This is a great addition to a home page as most people will look for the page and rather than moving on to another site or going to Google will take up the option of the search which encourages them to stay on your site longer and look at more items.

Subscription Forms

A form is basically a list of questions or fields to fill in that, after successful completion of the marked items the user can submit, receive notification that the submission has been successful and then also have the opportunity to unsubscribe at a later date should they wish too. The programming of this must be customised to the database that is built on the back end of the site. This database then allows this information to be automatically updated in the system without any administrator intervention. The presence of an online form, provided that response times are measured and immediate, allows for efficient communication and provides a comfortable medium for clients to make a non-aggressive first contact.

Appointment Booking Feature

Have you ever thought of integrating your current ‘request an appointment’ feature on your website and actually allowing your clients to book the appointments online? Sometimes the application of this kind of feature is dependent on the technology integration, as your current desk top appointment software would need to communicate with the website, but we have included it to show you that sometimes your administration ‘wish lists’ can become a reality!

Image and Video Gallery

The Star 3 Media image gallery module can be added to any website that has a CMS and can either be flash animated to slowly rotate through images or static, where the images are fixed. In our static gallery new developments or images can be easily updated on the site so that in a few clicks you can have the images up and live for viewing. We also have an onsite photographic and video studio and professional photographer and videographer, which means you can have the professional looking shots that you need. Television commercials (TVC) and instructional service development videos can also be added to any website. Star 3 Media can enhance the graphics also with animation and
compress the animation so that it is quick to load with a low buffering time.