Video Marketing

Content is King! We’ve all heard of this before as it’s the guiding principle that most search engine optimizers live by. Most websites have the necessary text and image-based content that drives up their rankings in search engines, but one aspect of content that is often overlooked is video.

Video is a great way to identify your key messages as a company and entice viewers to engage with your business. Using online video marketing effectively is key to a successful online marketing strategy. Surprisingly, the second largest search engine right behind Google is actually YouTube. At the moment, more than 48 hours of video content is being uploaded every minute into YouTube where its videos are 50 times more likely to rank at the top of Google’s first page search results.

Video optimisation is a must have feature for online marketing, specifically for SEO purposes. It is now one of the most influential factors in search results owing to the rise of online video services such as YouTube. Videos add stickiness to your website and gives them a better professional look and feel.

If you aren’t optimising your videos properly in order to match what your target audience is searching for, then your videos are likely to get lost and not reach your viewers. So how do you make sure that your video-based content gets the results that your business needs? You’ll want to work with Search Group’s team of professionals that deals with video search engine optimisation, or what’s more commonly known as video SEO.

We offer 9 options for Video Marketing:

  • Voovi Video – Image Transitions – Voovi stands for Voice over Vision, our Star 3 Media Video product suited for a range of video presentation needs.
  • Animated Voovi Video – Image & Animation Transitions – The more advanced Voovi video production combines infographic (educational or information) animation with our Voovi product.
  • Conversational (Interview, Speech, Presentation, Demonstration) Video (Front Facing Camera) – Using a single front facing camera we can produce a simple, and effective digital marketing video. This video is designed to be both low cost with fast turn-around time.
  • Chromakey Green Screen Video Production – The Green Screen enables us to key in different image backgrounds and even video footage, superimposed within the Conversation Video.
  • Seminar (Event, Presentation, Training Course) Filming – Did you know we can also film; seminars, group training events, presentations and speeches? Star 3 Media has a specialist training facility and events room for hire.
  • Computer Based Training Videos – Website Tutorial Videos – This format of video recording demonstrates a user’s computer screen view on how to use a particular program, application, or step-by-step walk-through of a website.
  • Short Format Video for Vine Social Media Channel – This six second looping video format is designed for the popular social media channel Vine (owned by Twitter) to showcase the creativeness of your brand.
  • Short Format Video for Instagram Social Media Channel – This 15 second (or less) Video format is designed for the popular social media channel Instagram (owned by Facebook).