Search marketing is evolving so fast that what has worked a couple of years ago wouldn’t be as reliable today. In fact, some older search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can be downright harmful to your online marketing efforts. This isn’t to say that SEO should be discarded entirely. Instead, it should now be integrated with other modern optimization techniques that’ll allow you to approach your company’s sales, branding, marketing, and online presence in an entirely different manner.

Search Marketing Integration is about quality, engagement and social proof. It’s no longer enough to just undertake SEO, you need a holistic approach to your online marketing. Search Marketing Integration is about creating valuable content through various online platforms. You need to get people to know your business better online.

You need to think how you are going to optimise content for people and their search queries. Content that is informative, of a high quality and that will entertain consumers. Most people like to research a product or service online before making a buying decision, so the more quality content you have available will increase your conversions and revenue. When we talk about content we don’t just mean text on a page, content includes video, text and images.

Search Marketing Integration Plans

Look at increasing your brands authority and trust online by undertaking a Search Marketing Integration strategy.


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