Guide to Landing Pages for improved CRO

Landing Pages are an important part of online marketing. They need to define a user’s experience by personality type whilst at the same time have best practice insights for layout design.

You need to create a compelling offer (better than your competitors) and use headlines to match a visitor’s intent.

Benefts of having a Landing Page:

  • More focused and customised sales pitch
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Online advertising that uses landing pages typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%. Testing can double this number.

Guidelines for Building a Targeted, Quality Landing Page:

  • Your landing page needs to be targeted to a specifc enquiry
  • Landing Page Headline in Bold/ Appealing / h1
  • Use bullet points
  • Don’t offer too many navigation options
  • Minimise distractions, focus on getting the searcher to complete the desired task
  • Videos should not auto play
  • Call to action should be above the fold
  • Use a directional cue for the Call to Action
  • Use colour to your advantage
  • Use video where you can as it is a proven conversion enhancement mechanism
  • Add social proof (testimonials, endorsements, icons etc)
  • Logo’s with taglines make a difference
  • Must add privacy page on your navigation

But how do Landing Pages Actually do this?

Message Match

One of the most critical aspects of conversion marketing is message match. Maintaining ad message momentum is easier when you are not directing your visitors to the homepage where they might not be able to fnd the offer they were expecting from the ad.


Testing multiple versions of a separate landing page is easier than trying to make changes on your homepage.

More Accurate Reporting

Producing campaign specifc reports become simpler when only a single page is involved. The accuracy is greatly enhanced by virtue of the fact that you have no competing information on the page. When someone lands on your homepage, they have so many potential pathways that it’s easy to lose track of them when they wander off topic.

Reduced Clutter

If you have to mention each promotion on your homepage it will get messy quickly. By using a landing page, you can dedicate the entire page to a single purpose.


The sooner you start building, testing and optimizing landing pages, the sooner you can start getting the correct return on your marketing investment.


Examples of Great Looking Landing Pages



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